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With a background in Property development, KBB manufacture, installation and design, you can have confidence that no one has more experience in all aspects of this complex supply chain. We are your end to end solution provider.

‘Our project – Our Responsibility’

Our virtual reality software means you and your clients can walk through the layout and even decide on colours, from the comfort of your office or their own home.   

We operate without a showroom and passionately believe, the best place to view your kitchen, is in your kitchen. We offer quality products, direct from the manufacturers at a cost significantly lower than the high street showrooms. We can do this precisely because we operate efficiently, and without the substantial overheads associated with large premises.

Look at our Gallery and Testimonials then email or call us with confidence for a free no-obligation consultation.

10 Reasons Why Helix:


As an independent KBB specialist working directly with various carefully selected manufacturers we can meet your needs with the products you want.


With a successful background in property development, KBB manufacture, installation and design, no one has more knowledge or experience in all aspects of this complex supply chain. We are your end to end solution provider. ‘Our project – Our Responsibility’


Outstanding design is only ever achieved by understanding the details. Sockets, wastes, pipework, ceiling heights, joist direction, sunlight and daylight etc, are all essential elements in ensuring the result is aesthetically pleasing, functional and easily installed.


Working directly with manufacturers means we have complete control over your KBB specification. Where needs be; we will have units, custom made to suit a particular requirement.


Our suppliers use state of the art CNC equipment, and the best components, to ensure high quality standard and bespoke cabinets are produced time and time again


At Helix Interiors, there are no commission-hungry salesmen targeted with X number of quotes per day and Y thousands of pounds each month. Target driven salespeople generate quantity not quality. This is not conducive to well thought out, functional design. We work patiently with our clients to come up with the best solution for their needs and budget.


If it is important to you, it’s important to us. After all, having invested in the house and the car this is likely to be the 3rd most expensive thing you will ever buy. Do not be rushed, don’t be pressured, don’t be influenced by spectacular sounding deals.


We have an extensive range of door and worktop samples which, in our opinion, are best viewed in the location they will be fitted. 


Quality, Professionalism and Communication: It’s that simple.


Are Helix Interiors Ltd right for you?

Check out our Testimonials then decide. 

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